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Clearing Space, Making Way for the Sacred

August 24, 2014


August 25, 2014 New Moon in Virgo (2 degrees) at 10:14 am EDT

New Moon in Virgo wants to bring us closer to our abilities to clean house, care for the wounds and serve the world. I think it is very appropriate in that order! With Chiron in Pisces opposite Mercury, this is a report about soothing wounds and healing ourselves so that we can embrace bigger concepts around getting to the business of healing the planet. Or at least bringing ourselves into harmony with what is going on and taking measures to secure our future as human beings not only getting along, but flourishing. The clarion call to be strong as more chaos ensues on the horizon couldn’t be more clear. It is not over yet folks, we are still in the middle of those seven Uranus Square Pluto (USP) crunches. And still feeling the effects of the wildly beneficial and yet difficult Square number 5 in April. So we are not out of it until we go through all of those Uranus square Pluto’s, next one coming up on December 14, 2014.

So lets get into it!

First off, write down some intentions for this coming month. Virgo is a stalwart healer, with restorative powers and exacting patience and precision. She wants us to know what we want, to expect perfection and to give from our hearts. Taken to extreme, this becomes self critical, co-dependent and somewhat analytical. So definitely stay out of that! We definitely need our heart to balance and to know where enough is enough. So it’s a good time to set goals around diet, exercise and general good health. It’s time to organize and make your spaces more efficient and streamlined. It’s also a great time to focus on work issues, projects and relating to co-workers. Get your paperwork done. Let go of confusion and distraction by embracing a bit more structure. And being in the now.

With Saturn and Mars conjunct squaring Venus, it’s hard in these last days of summer to turn our focus away from relaxing and fun, to the work of getting things organized. Do it anyway, and you will be so glad you did. Just a few minutes into any organizing or structuring activity and you will feel amazing. You will feel the self-love of taking care of your world and your dreams. Now is the time to avail of all that USP manifesting energy and strip the chaos away from it to get down to the here and now essence. In every moment we are creating our future. With awareness of that fact, we can direct it towards eradicating fear through being grounded in tasks and focused detail. We can relax when we know the parameters. When we know where we are. Then we can accept and act.

Virgo moons can be a bit self sacrificing and despairing at times. It often brings into focus what is wrong. So lets not get on that gravy train to feeling bad and punishing ourselves. Instead, listen to it and acknowledge the need. Remember that need is sacred and that there is a bigger power in the Universe, that thing we call Spirit and Great One. We must remember that we are not acting alone. We have angels and spirits and ancestors with us. They are acting through us sometimes and sometimes, amazingly, moving mountains without us! So let’s remember our real place in things. And not to despair that things are messed up. It’s a glorious mess that we all have a part in, and therefore, we all have a part in cleaning it up. And it’s about to get a heck of a lot messier. But within chaos lies great opportunity for radical change. So let it rip, and try to be in the center of it in a neutral non-judgemental way. We are witnesses and birthmothers and guardians. We are doing our sacred duty to listen through the unease and hear the solutions. And learn new ways of communicating with others who don’t hear the call quite as clearly yet, using language that they can understand.

My friend, astrologer Demetra Vassillistis (who is awesome), commented this morning on the word “sacred” being missing from the dialogue about environmentalism. I agree, bringing it into the conversation is the only way to illicit change. But I feel it is more than the word itself, it is something that everyone needs to actually feel. Once you touch on the sacred role of what the land does, what the air does what the water does, and all the beings that live in those places, you see that sacred is something that you passionately want to protect. You are connected once you feel it and that never leaves you. No matter where you are. Whether it is in an urban setting or plunk in the middle of the ocean. The land/water/air is all around you. It is the lifeblood of our needs, and it nurtures our souls. The elements of our earth provide a place for our ancestors and for our continued healing. This is Virgo moon reminding us of that connection, for she is the one who heals all of that. We must call on her to stand tall this month and heal us, to heal US.

So your shaman homework this month is to get in touch with your own space. Go outside and notice the feeling of your block. See the bits of nature all around you. Name them SACRED. In doing so there may be a message that emerges for you. Something you need to hear. Tune in and let it guide you. It could be the simplest thing.

Yesterday evening, I was in a Brooklyn park with my family that I had never been to before in Ft. Greene. There was a sizable hill there, and as I trudged on up with my not so good shoes for climbing, I saw on the very top was a huge skinny monument. It must have been 5 stories or more high. And at the very tippy top of the monument sat a huge Red Tailed Hawk. Now Hawk is very connected to my own personal medicine. When I see him my heart sings and I know I need to pay attention and that it is a sacred moment. I felt sad that he was so far away from me! I wanted a better look at him. And, I really wanted one of his feathers. I love my bird feathers, as I sort of collect them. Just as my luck would have it, as I walked over to him, I saw a white under feather wafting down to me. That was a good sign! I picked it up and headed over to a bench to just observe. He was so regal and commanding. This cocky mocking bird was relentlessly dive bombing him, again and again. Yet the Hawk barely ruffled his feathers. He was turned away from me looking over Brooklyn. Must have been a great view. As I sat there and tuned in, I listened for what he was saying to me. “Look at the big picture. We are connected. I am here not paying attention to the buzzing of the mind, the distractions, and focused on the high road.” “Get a grip on your bigger picture,” I felt he was saying to me. He inspired me to start writing about astrology again. That it is time to be in the overview again. And to rise above my everyday problems and my little mind and allow myself to soar. Isn’t that always the struggle? Yet I allowed this hawk to speak to me, to remind me what I need to do. And he gave me strength.

I hope that inspires you to do the same. Happy soaring this month. Tune into whats around you. And be in the present as you fly high.

Meet Cathy Towle, A Psychic Medium from Brooklyn, NY

July 4, 2014

What is it like to be a Psychic Medium? Cathy talks about her gift and how we are all connected for the webshow Notablez in 2013.

How Does Mediumship Work?

April 3, 2014


A lot of people ask me this question when I do Mediumship demonstrations. How do you do that Cathy? People are so blown away by what comes through. Even in short messages, what is conveyed is usually just what the sitter wanted to hear. How can that be?

Well to be honest, I don’t know why it works. What I do know is that it does. I also know what I need to do to make the channel or connection stronger and more accurate. The preparation is to move from outer awareness to an inner, still, grounded place disconnected from outside stimulus. I focus on the person before me. Using my inner sight and receptivity to listen and “see” with other eyes, I pray inside to connect and welcome the spirits of the person. Usually, a burst of love connects to make me ready. And then I wait for them to do their thing.

In Evidential Mediumship, I am also putting aside my psychic ability. It is just letting the spirits who want to communicate talk to me. Step forward so to speak. So I am not “looking in” with my psychic vision, I am inviting them to step before me and tell me what they want to say. Sometimes it’s just hello and a few pertinent details. Sometimes it is a lot more, dealing with emotional situations and healing those moments. It is quite moving, for spirit knows what each of us needs, or is ready for.

Here’s the hard part for anyone who does what we do…putting aside what we think. How we analyze. How we even filter information. My ego…that’s the roughest. Spirit has me do all kinds of things, has me say things, has me talk to people in voices I would rather not use. When I listen and do as it says, it is usually just right. One exception…teenagers. Teenagers come through and they are a little feisty. They tend to blurt and not really understand how difficult it is for their parents. So I try to make it clear that we are dealing with teenager unfilteredness in those situations! Because they have the best of intentions. They are so close to joy and really want to express that to everyone! So we just love them for that blurtiness. It’s all about love really.

This is how it comes to me. Pictures, feelings, impressions, love, touch, smell, sound, love. Love conveys so much. I will get sensations of cold or warm or a tingly feeling. I get a feeling of yes…when I hear them correctly. Sometimes it’s a bit much to put all these things into words and I grapple for the correct things to say. Sometimes I struggle with it, because what must be said is out of my normal experience. So there is a great deal of letting go and just letting it fly that happens. I am getting so much better at that act of trust. And the spirits hold me. We have a relationship. They understand my committment and come to meet me just as committed. They work on me all the time to make me better. I am very greatful to them for the way they show up in my life to support this crazy ride I am on.

Tell me about your experiences with spirit. I know many of you have had encounters/feelings/comfort that you just can’t explain but you know its something. Tell me about it. We are all connected.


Inside the Eye of the Storm, There is Peace

October 17, 2013

200200862-001Full Moon and Prenumbral Eclipse in Aries 25 degrees
October 18/19, 2013
7:38 PM EDT in the US
Mercury Retrograde October 21 

We are in an Aries/Libra eclipse cycle (which started with the last New Moon Oct 4) till Oct 23, 2014 when to tide will turn towards Scorpio and Taurus energies. This is interesting folks, lots to chew on. So lets get to the heart of it!

Those of us resting in the feel good, wishy-washy, surface dwelling, non-active apathy toward what is going on around us murk, will be challenged to come out of denial and shift into action. And hopefully, take a stand. It’s as if we need something to rally around to make change and our politicians certainly have been providing that! The New Moon Solar Eclipse October 4th set us up for disruption, a change in power structure, and a remembering of the extensive structure that we set in place here in the USA…The Constitution. Now this Full Moon October 18th will teach us how to protect and preserve the democracy we so cherish (and other people around the world do too really). We are being snapped back into reality here. So I deem this the wake up call, and the next set of eclipses – April 15th 2014 (where we will potentially see another rally – people protesting about paying taxes) and October 8th will provide ground to get things done. Much will be set in stone by the time the energies turn toward addressing the world debt/financial issues with the October 23, 2014 Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. So if we want to have our voices heard, we must get busy engaging our political leaders.

Personally, this outer struggle has echoes within our ability to touch on our life purpose and to step into a personal leadership that motivates and inspires others, whether big or small. We have an opening here that allows us to delve more deeply into how we want to harness our energies to align with that of the larger powers at work in the world. So, I personally am not solving world hunger, but I am working just as powerfully, and to the best of my ability, to inspire change and action to help my clients and my readers to live to their fullest potential. So I too am stretching beyond what I thought was possible to reach out to others. So you all can do that too. Find you strength and passion and make it count. We can no longer be bystanders. Let the politicians have the drama. We are being initiated into a time of utilizing our fears as energy to create courage and strength.


With Juno sitting at the top of this chart the invitation to commit to our true path is beckoning us. If we can get grounded in a spiritual practice, one that respects Mamma Earth and the divine feminine, then we can take a look at what this external struggle says about us. Calm, nurturing breath of the divine feminine! Let our nerves settle into introspection! If we have a political power struggle around us that is capitalizing on disenchantment and driven by ego, then it’s time to be quiet and look at what that is reflecting inside us. How are we going along with being disenfranchised? How are we avoiding taking charge of our lives? What risks do we need to take and how can we allow ourselves room to take those risks? What do we need to let go of? And what do we need to let emerge that is just plain pushed so deep that it terrifies us? What kind of support do we need? We CAN handle it. But we need to do it together, with others. And trust the journey is going to lead to a better us.

Mercury is going to be retrograde from October 21st till November 11th, after the very interesting New Moon on November 3rd. So be prepared for disruption, communication snafus and the usually mishigos! I will say that because it is retrograding in Scorpio, it is going to be a good time for insight, spiritual pursuit and trusting your intuition. The perfect time for a good amount of prayer and spell casting. Also contact with the spirit realm…thinner than usual on Halloween this year. It’s a great time to do spirit communication work. In a nutshell, take this time to really look inside yourself and do some good inner work. And let it flow if things get mucked up. Take it in stride, plans awry could lead to a much more powerful experience for you! Do take the time now to do some planning!

I have had a lot of life challenges get in the way of my writing, so now that things have settled down, I plan to be a regular contributor to my own column here! And look out for some other new places you can find my written and videoed work! Exciting times ahead!

Foot on the Pedal: Reving the Creative Revolution

July 8, 2013

SS12060New Moon in Cancer, July 8, 2013, 3:15 AM EDT in the US
Saturn turns direct in Scorpio

There is a lot of new beginning energy in this New Moon chart and I am certainly feeling it! It is inspiring, creative, full of zing and new ideas. Just what we need, especially after the long tedious Saturn retrograde which started in mid February. It’s been a lot of inner work or unwinding and letting go that will pay off as we are now moving forward. So much room now to spread our wings! A breath of fresh air really.

Saturn, going direct in the water trine with Jupiter/Lilith and the still retrograde Neptune, changes direction of the watery emotional pull slightly…directing us into work, service and initiative. Projects take a subtle turn for the better. Less resistance, more flow. Time to dream and dream big within the structures you can muster. Reality and grounding will bring your ideas into manifestation. Anything working from home base is good, even if it is something you create from your basement! I actually think this signals a shift in the mindset of people all over, taking charge of life in all kinds of small ways sets the stage for a huge change of mindset – almost a creative revolution. That no corporation can control. And by July 21st when Mercury goes direct, you will be able to put things in motion.

The T-Square is pushing the creative impulse strongly, so let your friends help you innovate and if you can get it together to make a plan of the big picture, you will take the pressure off the impulse to create and get cracking. Too much pressure sometimes is confusing and garners nothing but procrastination. The water trine is great for ideas, but so pleasant that you just want to float along with it. The T-square says “Get cracking!” Work with your ideas, find the financing, get others interested and see what happens after the 21st. Take a risk and put your ideas out there. You never know who might be put in your path. If we are truly understanding that there is creative intelligence directing our lives, and that it has our best interest in mind, and that it’s joy is our joy; then be in touch with the fun and joy and follow that. The power of that creative intelligence goes before us daily, making easy and successful our way. Allow it.

Looking at this globally, whatever comes out of this time had great potential. Even if it seems contrary or difficult, the change is setting us free for a better life. Because we are entering an unstable time world-wide: politically, climate-wise, environmentally and financially; flowing with change and finding creative ways to enjoy our new beginnings are a training ground for higher mind. If we maintain a healthy and loving detachment from those who are resisting and creating conflict, we will see how to maintain stability amid change. It’s all an inside job. And while the physical world is adjusting to the inner work we have done, maintaining a sense of calm and peace will help things shift. The world is a changing, and we just have to hold tight. “Don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, it’s gonna be alright!” to quote Mr. Bob Marley. Again, letting the heart hold change, feeling our way through and letting those feelings open us up will be the best way forward.

I am using the energy of Saturn’s direct turn to work with inspiration and imagination. So I am kicking off InspireMe – 30 days of inspiration and contemplation to help you sustain a creative push via daily emails. No catch, just inspiration. Because I need it! And you might too! Sing up here.

Summer of Inner Revolution: Change, Change, Change

June 29, 2013
Summer Solstice Solar Flare

Summer Solstice Solar Flare

Summer Solstice June 21, 2013, Sun enters Cancer at 1:04 am
Full Super Duper Moon in Capricorn, June 23, 2013
Mercury Retrograde June 27 till July 21st
New Moon July 8th and Saturn turns direct

Happy Summer everyone! The Solstice, quickly followed by a Super Full Moon in Capricorn, with Mercury turning retrograde at 23 Cancer on Thursday June 27th is setting us up for a reflective, restorative pause, alongside mind bendingly positive inner thought and outer action. They key here is flexibility and flow, and knowing enough to stop when you feel neither.

Over the next 3 months, so many things are going to be flying out of the collective unconscious it is going to be a real game to catch all of it and bring it down to earth. We need to get our catchers mitt’s on, hold them over our hearts and let our feeling selves navigate what to hold onto and what to discard. Remember, a lot of negative stuff is going to be churned up with the positive. They reside in the same place. This is all going to really hit us where we live and if we are living from out hearts, then the heart chakra will act as a kind of purifier. If we are acting from greed, a closed heart, or negative emotions, those will just intensify.

The Solstice Moon in Scorpio will ask us to go deeper, to root out the negative and utilize Neptune’s transformative power to cleanse our spirits. So if you thought it was going to be an easy summer, well not really! But, the prizes at the end of the summer are huge so do the work now…it will be worth it. If you can understand the tensions you live with now, you will navigate the coming worldwide tensions rising to the surface in September through March 2014. Harness the power of the warrior spirit and the mental power of positive thought leading to change.

So looking at this more closely, if you want to make changes, the summer is the time to start the process, before you feel the intense pressure to change in the fall. For a lot of people, if you are not looking at what needs changing, a lot of change will be forced upon you come September. I really encourage people to use the energies of welcoming, adventure, exploration and fun to delve into change in a positive way.

Positive thought is IMPORTANT. We are creating from our home place…the open heart fire, so we must be strong, utilizing creativity and let the awareness’s that are coming to us draw us deeper into changes that nurture, support and encourage abundant, prosperous growth. Literally, planting seeds is what is calling us here. Where are we cultivating our gardens?

So for the next three months, here are 3 things to focus on:

  1. Listen to your dreams, subconscious, creative instinct. Write down or draw EVERYTHING! Sort through it as you go.
  2. Heart centered spiritual practices are how to integrate all of this creative energy and keep it flowing. You might do loving kindness meditations, gratitude practices, heart meditations or forgiveness work to open up.  I will post a gratitude practice, a 5-minute meditation, in the coming days.
  3. Collect inspirational quotes and write positive affirmations about what you want to change. You can join my 30-day InspireMe! Challenge to get really inspired here.

Full Moon in Capricorn June 23rd
Looking to the Super Full Moon we just had, the stage is set for asking these kinds of questions: How can we be stable in the face of other people holding the cards (banks, investors, the rich, government, corporations)? What is their part and what is ours? How can we get involved? How can we deal with protesting what is wrong when the avenues for dissent are rapidly narrowing? This energy is really showing that everyday people are what is going to change our government. I am just listening to the announcement of the ruling on gay marriage, which happened because a couple took their case about Prop 8 all the way to the Supreme Court. Everyday people need to draft Bills and Legislation and work hand in hand with their government officials to get things done. A different level of engagement is beckoning us and through our hearts we will understand how to participate.

Change is a sometimes slow and tortuous process. The job before us is to keep our hearts open while the twists and turns, the knocks and unexpected surprises, wrangle and mangle us around. Heart open, defenses down, feeling what is happening and navigating that without shutting down. What does it really mean to keep our hearts open?

Uranus is sitting on top of this chart, so for the next month expect unrest, water challenges, a lot of movement and risk taking in business. If you run a heart centered business, now is the time to take actions to move ahead. You will find courage and strength in unpredictable places. There will expansion and areas of constriction. Keep your creativity stoked and you will led to innovative solutions over the next month.

It’s so important for our spirituality to find structure during this time. Then, when we need that deeper place, and we will, it will be right there. Here’s what I mean. Do you  remember a time when out of the blue something happens and you have to react immediately? And without hesitation, you did something. Like stopped the car to help someone who was injured. Or said the right thing in a meeting. Or sensed when something was about to go down and avoided getting drawn in. There is stillness in that moment, that pause just before you are about to react, that needs extending. That is what meditation is for, those moments when we intuitively navigate. The stillness of mind is a resource that we can use to be present and unyielding, open and loving, all at the same time. Standing still is a foundation for all good things.

Mercury Retrograde June 27 till July 21
This retrograde happens while Mercury is conjunct Vesta andVenus in Cancer and resolves itself still in Cancer in a T square with Pluto and Uranus, just before the full moon at 0 degrees Aquarius. During it’s trip it conjuncts the July New Moon in just entering that T-Square.  I feel that this all means that we will be doing a lot to fix up our homes, physical and emotional. Emotional, meaning through relationships with others, and personally with our own hearts, we will spruce up our inner sanctuaries. And in the outer sense, greater respect and love within our homes, and what even what HOME is to us. If we are at home in our hearts, then we can be at home anywhere. And a lot of us have been displaced by whatever we have been experiencing. Literally/physically, as well as inside ourselves. So creating sacred space in our homes is a way to resolve these feelings, as well as considering how to use the space you have better.

Rethinking the way we view security within ourselves, we might open up a door to a deeper understanding of spiritual truth. How do we diffuse our own success with negative thought patterns? By going deep inside our own mental patterns, we can understand how our thoughts manifest our reality, and use the creativity of the water trine to make new pathways. As we do this personally, it will spill over into the collective unconscious and it will spur a renaissance of thinking minds coming together. This process will be the beginning of human movements to solve bigger world problems. We think a new world is not possible, I mean look at all the problems, yet what we are going to realize is that change is here and it is for real. We are going to live it, through our choices

Saturn Turns Direct July 8th
Saturn’s direct station on the New Moon, adds a bit of relief to the grand water trine and gives us a chance to get at it, take regular action and be disciplined in our approaches. Great time to look at how stress is affecting you and investigate a meditation or yoga practice, new health initiative, or any kind of practice that will improve your health and happiness. How are your ideas of service not matching up to your ideas of receiving? You must regenerate to be able to give. Time for a retreat? Even a day of R & R can do wonders. Or indulge in a trip to a museum or creative day of fun. Do it! What you bring in now will set the stage for the rest of the year.

Finding a New High Ground and Anchoring the Heart in Purpose

May 9, 2013

New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus, May 9th 8:29 pm EDT

Ahhh, the Moon Goddess comes a calling. Exalted in nurturing, sensual, feminine energy of Taurus, the Moon is connecting us to the mother/earth energies. A Solar Eclipse in the middle of two doozy Lular Eclipses. You’d think that maybe we could rest, be nurtured, feel at ease. At least take a breath. This is a breath of strength. Take it in. Ground your strong hearts in the earth’s wisdom. It is through the heart that we are going to be able to hold the changes to come.

The third square of Pluto and Saturn is coming on May 20th before the next Lunar Eclipse May 25th that has Pluto in another tight square to Uranus. It is going to get wild. Pluto’s last square to Saturn was September 19, 2012, when many of us were dealing with financial breakdown, heath issues, and stress around the increasing violence in our communities. Since then we have been in overwhelm, sorrow, and a lot of letting go. Closure around those themes is in store for us…how have we been processing and integrating the dark side within us and around us? This will have a huge impact on the shift to come. So, I am going to ask everyone to hold intentions with this New Moon, not only for us, but also for the world and Mamma Earth. Sending healing from our hearts all coming together.

Intentions for a Taurus New Moon

Themes – Money, Sensual Pleasure, Contentment, Perseverance, Patience, Mother Earth, Self-Worth, Releasing Stubbornness

Some suggestions:

1. I want to find joy in the ways that I am rich right now and be grateful.

2. I want all self-sabotaging anxieties about money totally lifted from me and replaced with confidence and self worth.

3. I want to enjoy and appreciate the pleasures in life, and hold that for all the beings around me.

4. I want my consciousness about nature to be connected to the ways I act and think.

5. I want the quality of loving patience and steady progress to enter every area of my life.

6. I want to easily find myself establishing boundaries that make my life stronger.

7. I want the tendency to undervalue myself easily lifted from me.

8. I want to envision us taking care of a strong, united and vibrant Mother Earth in every way possible.

This is the second eclipse in a row, 2nd of 3 eclipses. Eclipses are times when there is an abundance of energy. It can be a huge POW! What did you not deal with for the past 5 months? (For more on eclipse energy see my article at Eclipses can bring important people into your life. This particular eclipse has an aspect that favors beneficial partnerships. How are you going to open yourself up to collaboration?

I think we all felt the energies of the Lunar Eclipse April 25th. I was certainly buzzing. Then, it was like there was a pause, even the earth quieted down a bit last week. Leading up to this eclipse we hear news of 3 women kidnapped and held for 10 years in a sleepy suburban neighborhood under everyone’s nose. One brave man, who listened and acted, rescued them. And then refused to be rewarded for it, but to give money to the victims instead. This shocking story perfectly expresses the energies of change we are asked to open to in this moment. Things are going on all around us that aren’t right. We can feel it. The denial and repression of the feminine energy and the collusion of, well all of us in some ways, to keep the status quo, is comin’ to an end! Not fully expressing feminine beauty, joy and abundance has cost us our humanity. And it is time for the female warrior in all of us to rise up, stand tall and claim the prosperity that is divine, and there for all of us. For prosperity is the issue that all the change will filter though. We will see, more clearly than we ever have that we have a choice, and a spiritual awakening is ripe for many of us. Not a religious awakening here, but something that comes from the heart and is a true knowing of what is right. The truth about ourselves is right there under the surface. Let it filter through. Heal yourself, heal the world…these words were never so true.

In this lush month of May, things are bursting into bloom around us and the warm earth is holding us. We are asked to take the fertile fecund energy and ground it into both our work life and how can we be of fierce service to the world. This is not namby-pamby. An alignment of ability, passion and purpose is being called upon, and further to stand in it with courage. Shifting even the most mundane work into an act of service can be a huge shift in awareness. It is a great time to go to the park, sit on a blanket and get our money story straight. What is our relationship to prosperity, abundance and gratitude in the many forms that it shows up in our lives? Where is the beauty in our work, the fun, the dependable, and the tenacious? These qualities and attributes will be thing things to build on to reach out into the world and take your place. Even if it is going back to being a check out clerk at Wal-Mart while you shop your screenplays. Or driving a Taxi around Brooklyn because that is what you do best right now. Do it with strength, compassion and willingness to serve everyone you interact with. You will be guided to take the next steps to making your life better.

With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces at the bottom of this chart, the foundation is one of spiritual healing. Healing of historic wounds, ancestral and generational patterns and ways of being that kept us entrenched in the past. The truth is being brought to the surface, and the beauty of highly attuned creativity will be the vehicle to receive it. Breakthrough insight and thought itself is going through change. Prosperity consciousness is the main issue and awakening consciousness will see people uprising against financial institutions through writing, self-employment and ideation. People are unstoppable and figuring it out with creativity. When you are operating like that, our true purposes and the agendas of those around us become transparent.

So hold on for another two weeks here while the ride takes some twists and turns and get out your spiritual shock absorbers. Dig deep, do the work that is before you and you will find that you can indeed align with your purpose and rise to the occasion in a very new way. Old ways of thinking and habits will fall away, just let them go. A new chapter is beginning and our intentions are very important.


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