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At the center of ancient community life, the Shaman’s role was to create balance and harmony through healing, spirit contact and tending to the ancestors. Modern Shamanism relies on this same idea, using sacred plants, sound, ritual, and other methods to access information to facilitate the restoration of community, and our own physical, mental and spiritual health. In this way we are in harmony with nature and blessed by its energetic powers.

Reverend Cathy Towle is a powerful modern shamanic practitioner and medium. She is a Certified Medium, initiated in West African spiritualist shamanism (Palero) and conjure traditions (Hoodoo), Reiki Master, Interspiritual Minister, and Sacred Plant Medicine Healer. Working in many traditions, she channels spirit wisdom to guide us on our path and restore our well-being, easing our hearts and minds. houseblessingShe does this through intuitive work, mediumship and shamanic healing sessions.

Cathy transforms peoples lives, releasing blocks, disease, and generational trauma, using hands on healing, as well as channeled and traditional shamanic healing practices. As a medium, she helps people move through the grieving process by delivering compassionate spirit communication.

IMG_5013Cathy restores balance to community through corporate and larger group work as a spiritual sustainability and innovation expert. Inspired by her involvement as a consultant at the United Nations, she teaches how the keys to innovation and sustainability are easy to access when one embraces the inspiration of indigenous wisdom.

Rev. Towle is available for private consults – book here and through her assistant –, to speak and present at your organization.