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Cathy’s mission:
Living in harmony with nature and our loved ones in spirit…our ancestors,
creates more success, love and creativity in our lives. 

Teaching an earth based, spiritual approach to global leaders for world health and renewal; and inspiring transformation, healing, and change, using intuitive and shamanic wisdom. 

As part of the peace making process at the UN, Cathy has innovated how spirituality is discussed and integrated, influencing decision makers to combine spirituality with leadership. She carries on the work in the spirit of Dag Hammerskjold, Secretary General of the UN, whose book Markings is a spiritual classic. As a healer of individuals and ancestral connections, Cathy is convinced that the UN itself can be, and is, a healing institution.

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United Nations Meditation Room

“Peace is about solving the issues that push people into war, and those issues can only be holistically addressed when spirituality is included in the conversation. Generational trauma, which we all suffer from, is at the root of many of the problems that cause division and strife. Understanding how to reconnect to ancestral wisdom, not only heals us, it restores a sense of community and hope for the future.” – Cathy Towle

Cathy works cross culturally with representatives of many the major philosophic and religious traditions. Her spirituality is based in shamanic and intuitive work, tied to spiritualist traditions. Using these tools, she empowers people to tap into humanity’s spiritual power to re-imagine the world, and from that place, create a new way of living.

This requires a greater vision.

“Our collective wisdom is enough to deal with the huge curve balls the world is throwing us. When we find ways to focus on the larger goal of protecting our planet and all sentient beings, we will survive and thrive in peace together. It takes a healing heart to encompass such strength and vision. 

Every single person, every single voice has a part to play. When we risk the unknown and trust a greater purpose, we let the path reveal itself to us as we walk it. Let’s fear aside and dig deep for the light within, to stand with the vision of hope and walk together.” – Cathy Towle

Cathy’s individual eco-spiritual work and classes bring people into alignment with their greater vision. Healed and renewed, she encourages them to carry that power out into the world. Modern shamanism and connection to the spirit world, teaches us to go deeper, to look underneath things and listen. We see the answers are all around us, waiting for our innovation and creativity. When we are right with our ancestors, we are right with the world and we receive a spiritual energy that allows us to fulfill our most precious dreams and passions. Cathy’s sessions allow us to make the subtle and sometimes radical shifts that we are longing for.

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